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Just named jointly by Met Office and Met Eireann

Yellow warnings at the mo, for Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, north Wales, northern England WEDNESDAY



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adding warning links date for ALI
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She was a Swiss national in her 50s on Holiday, travelling on her own. I imagine she wasn't aware of what was about to transpire. People are quick to Judge. 

I'd like to apologise for my comment earlier. I did judge too soon. I guess I had seen so many people recklessly ignoring warnings for no good reason in Florence and had suffered as a result and just

And there we have it. I don't know of many people who check the weather warnings when on holiday. She probably thought she was ok where she was etc or simply didn't know. But in any case there's some

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1 hour ago, Jo Farrow said:

Amber warning now from UK Met Office and Met Eireann

details https://www.metoffice.gov.uk/public/weather/warnings 




If the GFS is correct (Big if I know) then we might be soon seeing red on these charts.

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This looks to make Helena a mere kitten. Since we had warning for nothing for Helena I guess the warnings should be hyper red for this one and everyone advised to dig a huge hole to survive. Troops should enforcing a curfew starting tonight and lasting to Friday. :)

Main action to the north us but still breezy.

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11 minutes ago, Nick123 said:

The wind seems to be getting up now! Or is this Helene?

It's probably something to do with Manghut lol

This years naming has already gone mammatus up. I'm lost with it all to be honest.

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You have to thank Fujiwhara for our fun really?

Are we seeing a decaying 'feeder band' from Helene suddenly dowsing a thin band of the UK???

Slow moving and high rain rates, sorry if that parks over you for any length of time! we did that in july 2012!!!

Chunks of Helene airmass have been stripped into the other lows ( tomorrow and Sunday's ??) and so we have temp contrasts we normally do not see ( but ought to get used to?) and so vigorous storms.

Shame the trees are still in leaf really?




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Reports of 20,000 people are without electricity in Ireland.

Dean McLaughlin @Dean_Journalist 3m3 minutes ago

RTE News - 20,000 without power in the Republic of Ireland as #StormAli brings strong winds https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2018/0919/994653-storm-ali/  via @rte

Kildare Weather @KildareMet 5m5 minutes ago

20,000 people without power now #StormAli

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