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Nice feed here    

Had to share this:  

This a beautiful satellite picture from NOAA showing the three tropical disturbances...

Posted Images

1 hour ago, mb018538 said:

Indeed - the wind was never going to be the main problem with this storm. The fact that up to 40 inches of rain could fall in places will be the ultimate disaster, much like Harvey last year.

The wind was also going to be a problem originally, when Florence was forecast to move inland as a cat3/4, but since then it slowed down and weakened. Even more recent forecasts had Florence making landfall as a cat2.

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7 minutes ago, Had Worse said:

There looked to be a lightning flash and power outage about 5 minutes ago on the above feed.

Probably the transformers blowing/damaged power lines causing the flashes 


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The eye has made landfall at willmington. Much as the ec has predicted for many days. Winds over 100mph reported. Small miracle that Florence failed to organise correctly after her erc. 

The difference between 100 and 150 mph winds is huge. Winds might well get a little high. 

Max rain is currently 17inches roughly. Maybe a few places a bit higher but of course the eye has only just made it to the coast. 

Last post from me as I don’t really like the affects and from a weather POV it’s all over for Florence as a hurricane. 

Tha damage and death toll will be severe though. 

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Luckily not the storm of the century and amazing how a news reporter manages to get herself in the eye. Sadly didn't mention she was in the eye but since there was no wind and the eye made landfall in that location gave the game away. They had another reporter in the cockpit of a hunter. Well what Ive seen of other hunter aircraft she wouldn't be standing or be allowed to stand there so I guess the plane was either on the very outskirts or in the eye.

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