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North West Regional thread 01/09/18 Onwards......

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MO update There is a small chance of a weather system approaching the northwest over the weekend, which could bring significant amounts of snow on meeting the cold air. However, this is still ver

A few pics of the stunning local snowfall

Off we go again with another snow chase. ?

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16 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

Winds have backed NW now- heads up to the crew to me west and south west..

Just need the irish sea to wake up now..

Good luck guys..

Fax had the occlusion over the Isle of Man by around 6pm, so would expect to see the activity increase very soon...

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4 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

Temps/dews are favorable now right to the coast-

Will we see the sea come to life though?

Apps clearly think not, euro 4 clearly thought yes..

Euro 4 will reveal all shortly..

Im not sure the temps and dps are good enough here, just had more sleety rain.

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21 minutes ago, northwestsnow said:

yes, no energy in them at all..

If that metoffice spokesman is right then we will need to be seeing the irish sea exploding into life this evening..


Not really., action not expected until 3am or so. 

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1 minute ago, Barmada_Casten said:

Apologies but ramping in its most extreme sense here...

For instance there is no way parts of coastal and lowland Lakeland will have a couple of cm's of snow!

FGS mate lighten up will you.

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13 minutes ago, Snowy L said:

Yeah all we needed for that to happen was a literal piece of the polar vortex to dive down from the Arctic straight into the UK.

Yes - what a night - biggest event since Jan 1979 on the Fylde - astonishing.

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