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Alejandro Rodríguez

Masters in Meteorology around the world

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Hi there! My name is Alejandro (or Alex if you prefer) and, although this is my first message on this forum, I've been visiting it with enthusiasm for several years.
So, I've seen there are lots of clever people around here and I would like to ask you a question.

I'm studying Physics at "Universidad Autónoma de Madrid" and I'm looking for a good master in Meteorology, both in and outside Spain. So, has anyone study a Master in Meteorology, or have you heard about one?

I will appreciate all of your answers.

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Try Reading Uni Or the UK Met office, both will probably have the information you seek, at least for the UK.

Hope that helps.

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Hi Alex

Reading always was the only pure Meteorology course for a BSc


They also offer a Masters and are well thought of in the UK weather world, close to ECMWF

Birmingham UNi too https://www.birmingham.ac.uk/postgraduate/courses/taught/gees/applied-met-climatology.aspx 

Edinburgh Uni have a Physics/Met BSc and  "there is not currently an integrated masters degree (MPhys) in Physics with Meteorology, but that students who take the MPhys in Physics can take all of the meteorology options if they wish " 

UEA - University of East Anglia, Norwich is very well respected for its work in Climate Change https://www2.uea.ac.uk/study/postgraduate/taught-degree/detail/msc-climate-change 

There are other universities who offer more Climate type courses, including Leeds who overlap their BSc Met and MAsters http://www.see.leeds.ac.uk/admissions-and-study/undergraduate-degrees/courses/menv-bsc-meteorology-and-climate-science-international-year-abroad/    jo

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