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Favourite Month of the 2010s so far.

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So what was your favourite month in terms of purely weather and ignoring you personal life during the month. I'm sure my choices will be popular. 

January : January 2010 

February : February 2018 (all pretty snowless tbh) 

March : March 2013

April  April 2011

May : May 2018

June : June 2018

July : July 2018

August : :( i don't want to give praise to any of these depraved months 

September : September 2016

October : October 2013

November : November 2010

December : December 2010

Would love to know you guys opinions.



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Complied some interesting stats.  2018 had both the most mentions (perhaps a recenecy bias however) and most favourited months with the following being netweather favourite of each: January

December  2018.....

My memory for weather only really goes back to December 2010, so this is my list based on all months since then. January 2013: Good cold and snowy spell in the middle of the month. February

Posted Images













A great mix there.


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28 minutes ago, Stargazer said:

My overall favourite must be April 2011. A glorious month always seems that much more glorious after a dreary winter.

Yes it was, plus there was a thunderstorm on the Easter weekend that year if memory serves me well. In the London area, it was hot for a few days. 

This was such a nice contrast to the very cold weather of the previous winter, especially December 2010, ans January 2011.


I forgot to mention December 2017, Feb 2018, March 2018, May, June and July 2018. 

2018 is shaping up to be an interesting year.

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Janaury: 2010 down to the very cold and snowy weather, -15.C at the start of the month and -7 maximum as well.

February: 2018, the very cold, snowy weather at the end was the highlight as well as many cold, frosty sunny days.

March: 2012, Due to the unseasonably warm weather towards the end. Near 22.C on the 27th.

April: 2015, with many warm days and chilly nights with rain mostly limited to the last week, nearly double the average amount of sunshine hours  as well

May: 2018, very warm, dry and sunny start of a prolonged heatwave

June: 2018, a wet and windy spell sandwiched between two very hot, dry and sunny spells, 31.0.C reached.

July: 2018, Heat and heat only probably even better than 2006.

August: 2016, Dry and warm particularly in the second half.

September: 2016, Mainly down to that ridiculously warm spell in the second week, minimum of only 16.5.C on the 12-13th then maximum of 25.4.C on the 13th.

October: 2015, very warm at the start and mostly dry and sunny throughout.

November: 2016, due to the many very cold nights, 6 nights fell below -5.C 

December: 2010/2017: 2010 down to the phenomenal cold and snow, 2017 for the variation of very cold and mild.

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My memory for weather only really goes back to December 2010, so this is my list based on all months since then.

January 2013: Good cold and snowy spell in the middle of the month.

February 2012: Extremely varied, with bitter easterlies and snow in the first half to warmth and sunshine in the second.

March 2013/2018: The former was snowy and saw some exceptionally cold maxima late on in the month; the latter saw two very extreme cold snaps with some superb drifting snow.

April 2012: Perhaps the most sunshine-and-showers month I can remember, with some beautiful convective cloudscapes producing plenty of showery rain and hail.

May 2012: Another varied month, with very cool but convective weather in the opening two thirds, followed up by a remarkable heatwave.

June 2016: Really struggled with June, but I'll go with 2016 because of how remarkably cloudy it was.

July 2014/2015: The former was a superbly stormy month, with many nights of intense thunderstorms; the latter was extremely varied with record-breaking heat in the opening days and a run of exceptionally cool weather to close the month.

August: Don't know!

September: Don't know!

October 2012/2015: The former was cool, and featured the only falling snow I've witnessed in October; the latter, barring a few days at the end, was cool, crisp, and seasonal.

November 2016: A cool, crisp month, with a wintry feel owing to its plentiful frosty mornings (sadly no snow).

December 2010: Two fantastic snowy spells; deepest level snow I've ever seen; coldest temperature IMBY; consistently below freezing. Need I say more?


Tally per year:

2010: 1

2011: 0

2012: 4

2013: 2

2014: 1

2015: 2

2016: 2

2017: 0

2018: 1

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January: 2010

February: 2012, but  when was the last time we had a notably cold February? Over 20 years ago? 

March: toss up between March 2013 for the snow and March 2012 for the sun and warmth, not sure what I prefer in March

April: 2011

May: 2018

June: 2018

July: 2018

August: 2013

September: 2011

October: 2011

November: 2010

December: 2010

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January: 2013. Mild then very cold with snow then mild at the end, with a massive thunderstorm on the last day.

February: 2012. Month of two halves, very cold first half but very mild second half.

March: 2012. Very sunny and mild.

April: 2011. Very sunny and mild.

May: 2017/2018. Both very mild/warm and sunny months.

June: 2010/2018. Both very mild/warm and sunny months.

July: 2013/2018. Both very mild/warm and sunny months. 2013 better for thunder though.

August: 2013. Best of a bad choice.

September: 2016. Very mild and a good thunderstorm mid-month.

October: 2011. Record warm start then a thunderstorm in the first week.

November: Don't really care about November much lol.

December: 2015. Just extraordinary.

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January and December 2010 are probably my two favourite months winter wise. December 2010 was in fact stunning for its rime frosts and then its snowfall just before Christmas. Christmas day 2010 itself was stunningly beautiful with sunshine against a white, snowy landscape. I will count myself extremely lucky if I get to see another winter month like that before I pop my clogs.

No automatic alt text available.

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January: 2010 (let it snow)

February: 2012

March: 2018 (Beast from the East and 2.0)

April: 2016

May: 2018 (two glorious Bank Holidays)

June: 2018

July: 2018

August: 2012 (made up for the iffy June/July IMO)

September: 2012

October: 2017 (Ophelia and Saharan dust)

November: 2010

December: 2010


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January: 2010 (2013 not far behind)

February: 2018 (2010 had more dead front events whereas showers are more exciting)

March: 2012 (Stupidly sunny)

April: 2011 (April is like September to me, boring but 2011 was at least memory worthy)

May: 2018 (Perfect spring/early summer month with cool minima to boot)

June: 2017 (actually preferred the feel of last years)

July: 2013 (Lovely month and far less oppressive than last month)

August: 2010 (Lovely and Autumnal)

September: 2012/2017 (Not a month i usually care for but i prefer cool and wet to humid which September warmth usually brings)

October: 2016 (cool, quite sunny and the most spectacular leaf falls i have ever seen)

November: 2016 (although 2010 brought the snow, the frost and sun of 2016 tipped it for me)

December: 2010 (second only to Jan 10)


Worth saying that if the cut-off was 2000 then April 07, June 06, Sep 07 and Nov 05 would have made the list).

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I'd also actually like to add December 2017 to the list as the second best December of this decade so far after 2010. Although we obviously didn't get as many snowfalls, or perhaps even quite as deep, plus no white Christmas like 2010, the snow we got in early/mid December was fantastic. Also although we only got sleet here on Boxing Day unfortunately, a couple of days later when visiting a friend on the other side of Birmingham, I was amazed to see what was sleet here had left a covering of snow round his way. So I didn't have to go very far to see even more snowy landscapes that month. 

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December 2010 (Cold, lots of snow on the ground, blue skied crisp days.)

April 2011  (Dry, sunny and warm

March 2012 (Quite warm for me, and sunny)

October 2012 (Snow in October)

March 2013 (Cold, very cold)

July 2013 (Warm and sunny)

July 2014 (Lesser than 2013 but still a nice memorable sunny and warm month)

August 2016 (A nice August one of the best August's of this decade, warm spells here and there)

June 2017 (A very hot month, remember a lot of hot days in the middle of the month, and remember seeing a lot of days in the 30s) Generally sunny too.

November 2017 (Remember seeing early snowfall on the 30th, probably the earliest snowfall in a number of years, maybe since October 2012)

December 2017 (Not so much memorable for overall cold weather, but memorable for some heavy bouts of snowfall here and there compared to previous years, not extreme though)

February 2018 (Remember the cold snap right at the end, probably the most memorable part of the winter of 2017/18)

March 2018 (Quite cold, remember the record breaking at the start of the month, and the extreme 'feels-like temperatures around -7 - 11 Celsius)

May 2018 (Very, very sunny over 250 hours, dry too, with rain at the end of the month, missed the thunderstorms though)

June 2018 (Hot, and dry, not as hot as 2017 though)

July 2018 (Hot hot hot, sometimes unbearably so. At one point I was expecting it to break records as the hottest july on record, it looked likely for a while, remember some heavy storms too towards the end of the month, breaking the long dry spell)





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I can't remember many of the months but out of the ones I remember:

January 2010 - snowy

February 2012 - snowy

March 2018 - snowy

April 2016 - remembered for the hail and snow showers late in the month

May 2018 - sunny

June 2017 - hot

July 2014 - some great thunderstorms

August 2017 - remembered for a whole day of heavy rain

September 2016 - thunderstorms near Manchester which cancelled a Champions League match

October 2012 - colder than average

November 2016 - cold last week

December 2010 - snowy (and my favourite month of the decade so far)




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I`ve just done my favourite months of the 00`s

January was a tricky one there pretty poor that decade to the 10s.

Back to 10`s January 2013 and March 2012 need to be mentioned I missed to mainly for the heavy drifting snow.

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