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Record Dry Spell only Days Away

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We've been recording the weather at the UK's largest Ash Disposal site (the Big Hill alongside the M62 motorway at Junction 34 by Eggborough) since 1970.After trawling through nearly 50 years of records I have discovered that the driest spell (classed as a period with no measurable rainfall) occured between April 16th to May 9th in 1984 which was 24 days.

At the moment, our last measurable rain was on June 18th this year which means that today was day 21 and if it stays dry until Friday we will break that record.

(I did have a panic this afternoon as that weak cold front came through with some rain falling close by around 14.00hrs.)

Looking at the charts for the rest of the week I'm now pretty confident that the record will go.

Don't want to put a dampener on this truly remarkable spell but is that more than a hint of the Jet Stream waking up by next Sunday?

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No rainfall in my area since June 19th, and the next rain forecast is likely to be July 21st an even then it’s only 30% likely. 

Rainfall totals so far this year.

January: 113mm (118%)

February: 28mm (50%)

March: 83mm (146%)

April: 44mm (96%)

May: 19mm (37%)

June: 41mm (66%)

July: 0mm (0%)

2018: 328mm (73%)

Overall quite dry although not expectionally so. But not much rain in the foresable future 

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Hi, Luppy -- do you have any info on other sites worldwide that make similar daily measurements?  I'm wondering if there is any evidence of rainfall or drought being repeated over yearly periods.


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