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Your UV index recordings in the UK & everything else UV related

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It's quite an old thread I made but just veen doing a little research and one station in reading had recorded a UV index in June of around 9.5!

In the grand scheme of things this is an anomoly that as far as I can see is exceptional but even a quick browse through the records I found UV index's of quite a few places registering 9 which shows that we may not get much sun here but it is always worth checking the UV forecast before spending a day on the south coast, especially in/around the end of June! 

Screenshot_20180906-134516_Samsung Internet.jpg

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I don't think it ever exceeded 6/7 UV level for Thurrock was got from the Met office .  The nearest Met office weather station to Thurrock is in Gravesend and don't know it was higher.

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I am surprised that considering it is still so early in the season and a month away from the equinox, that we have hit a UV of 9 


I really think weather organisations should research into giving a better UV index forecast.

Met office today said a UV of 6 and in a couple of places 7, 

Accuweather only gave a UV of 6 in these areas and the BBC was by far the worst with just their moderate UV forecast.

I'm sure many people have been caught out in the sun today as it wasn't too hot and the UV levels seen were on par with Cyprus!

Screenshot_20190525-221457_Samsung Internet.jpg

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