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Netweather malicious code on the 10 at a glance page

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On the 10 day at a glance and only that page, I get redirected to a malicious page asking me to download an app to remove viruses. I suspect it's coming from one of the ad banners.



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I think there is more than this, when I was trying to look at the storm chase stream my firewall kept blocking the page, so i'm guessing another ad? Not gone there since.

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This morning's rogue ad was just that, once we stopped ads from the network which displayed it, the problem went away. We did this within an hour of it appearing.

In terms of your firewall, the most likely thing was that it didn't like the embedded player for the streaming, as there are no issues on the page, and I've not seen or heard of anyone else having a problem and apart from that the page is much like any other on the site. Sometimes false positives like that can happen, my one has blocked Amazon and Google momentarily in the past! 

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