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Storm chase Day 12 New Mexico Reports & pictures

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The team are currently overnighting in Roswell, New Mexico. where things stranger than Nick have been reported. 

They look to be getting hit by overnight severe storms at the moment. So stories to be told. As long as its not just what they had for breakfast. ? 


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Another superb chase day! 

Here are some images from the storm chase in New Mexico, We chased 2 Supercells, one near Vaughn then one South West of Corona, North West of the Roswell.

Big thanks goes to the Netweather team again!

_5002155 2 web.jpg

_5002523_4 web.jpg

_5002528 2 web.jpg

_DSC1772 web.jpg

_DSC9022 2 web.jpg

_DSC9215 2 web.jpg

_DSC9225 2 web.jpg

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Three photos from our guest Sandra Dharmasena

Nick after eating his sandwich. There must have been something in the sandwich other than olives.


Donald Trumps brother setting off to patrol the border


Baron system show the team where they are in relation to the storm we are the white dot in the middle.


Thank you to Sandra for allowing us to share these.


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