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Seeking a reliable hosting provider

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I am beginning to look around for a new hosting provider, I currently use GoDaddy, and find that for no reason my site is unavailable, sometimes for days on end. On top of that I have the usual BT & GoDaddy ftp issues which mean I have to reboot my router everyday or else my uploads to GoDaddy fail. 

So I am seeking a reliable hosting company, I don't do that much with my site to be honest, it uploads every 10mins 24 hours a day 365 days a year end of, no flashy php, java or anything that really makes it challenging.

Thoughts welcomed.



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I use 1and1, not the cheapest but reliability has been  outstanding really.
They do have a cavalier way of changing important things like enforcing SFTP rather than FTP without thinking there was any need to tell you - and then being mystified at my frustrating inability to upload for a week.
The beginner package is more than enough for a weather site and other odds and ends.

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