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March 2018 Statistics

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March - Hobart, Tasmania

Warmer than average. A mean anomaly of +1.1c above 1981-2010 or +1.2c above 1961-1990.

Average maximum:  21.4 ( +1.1 )

Average minimum:  11.4 ( +1.0 )

Rainfall:  39mm ( average 45mm )

Rain days (+1mm):  9/from 14

Generally settled and mostly dry until a westerly pattern set in from about the 18th, with windy periods and regular fronts bringing bands of rain and a few follow-up showers.  Of the month's 14 days of precipiation, 11 were from the 18th. Very windy on the 18th/19th with wind gusts near and just above 100km/62mph in the city. Settled snow above 1000m overnight and into the 20th.

Extremes in daily temperature for March ( records since 1883 ):

Highest maximum:  30.1.....17th ( record 37.3 in 2008 )

Lowest maximum:  15.9.....26th ( record 8.9 in 1925 )

Highest minimum:  18.2.....11th ( record 21.1 in 1906 )

Lowest minimum:  7.1.....21st ( record 1.8 in 1926 )


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March 2018


Max Temp: 13.3°C (25th)

Min Temp: -4.7°C (1st)

Mean Max: 8.8°C

Mean Min: 3.3°C

Air Frosts: 7


Total: 98.6mm

Wettest Day: 15.4mm (30th)

Max Rain Rate: 63.6mm/hr (4th)

Rain Days: 25

Dry Days: 6


Highest: 1033.97mb (21st)

Lowest: 982.26mb (12th)


Days with snow falling: 5

Days with snow lying: 5

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