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Northwest England regional thread 3 /3 onwards

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Some heavy arguing this morning with patches of bickering at times. Very cold with a distinct  feel of unpleasantness in the air. Looking like a big improvement later with some intervals of sarca

Thaw setting in now! Some unbelievable scenes, still folk snowed in in places, imagine how this looked before the thaw and before being dug out when the snow was untouched!!  95BD1E10

Some self righteous folk on here it seems. Nature is nature is nature...that includes suffering/tragedy/ unfortunate events etc etc in any form of life, whether it be farming or in our daily live

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Wow this spell turned out to be almost as severe as the last. It's widely 8 inches deep here with lot of drifting. I imagine alot of the roads are now cut off up here even my front door is close to being snowed in with a drift.5aadfe5c85a5b_snow18_03_18.thumb.jpg.f0f5437caebd6d8c66163353026d7c98.jpg

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1 hour ago, Che said:

“We dreamed of snow in the night”.

All is not what it seems when a white cloaked “beast” stirs in the night. Thick blankets of dreams upon dreams falling on breathing upturned hearts; earth-bound but sky-fleeting: dark-dormant and waiting for light to nakedly reveal: banish or welcome again - its wandering nature and ethereal joy. The snow-beast wraps us in its heavy comfort of white glowing, crystaline shaggy hide of thick cold.

The trees inhale, exhale and move in the night. And the snow-drops lay under; under and under, like stalagmites in caves. Rabbit four-paw-leap-tracks buried deep as sleep; in drifts, in drifts - of ice-walls and melt-bowls and fine ridge-whipped cornices. Mini mountains roamed by minibeasts in valleys of hope - and beyond.

We dreamed of snow in the night.


.........which just fizzles out before it reaches Preston. 

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1 minute ago, Weather-history said:

That happened with the last easterly, I think it maybe a glitch with the radar when its this type of set-up.

I hope so. Would be so cruel for such a tiny area to miss out when only a mile or so down the road has a very good cover. 

Brilliant event here, I think the deepest snow since at least Jan 2015, maybe even Jan 2010. 

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Just now, pip22 said:

Just measured the snow on the sheltered bin. It is almost 4cm!!

Thats more than the last!! :D


Can not even think how to measure here. The wind has taken a lot and left it somewhere else.

Maybe on your bin

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