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East Anglia and North London weather discussion (25/02/2018) onward

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Hope it's ok to share some pictures I took whilst out around our little village this morning   I won't bore you with them all, but here's a few of my favourites  

The thaw not very far away now. An'interesting winter indeed...and coming now to conclusion. Its been emotional and at times frustrating. Over and out. See ya-all november...ish.

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34 minutes ago, Blessed Weather said:

Wow!! That's a great photo of a shower cloud over London this afternoon. I expect you were under it @Daniel* ? Shame we're not still in the same thread!



It was out this world! It was like sheets of snow you could barely see across the road. You know about microbursts but it was like a ‘snowburst’ a snow squall almost, it lasted for 10 minutes and it gave me a light covering.

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Just now, Will Whittaker said:

OMG North West Norfolk coast just got hammered.

I took my terrier out for a walk along the coastal path, must have been a hour of blizzards. lovely. proper numb could not roll a fag Found our way to a pub. Happy days.


I reckon we just got dumped 3 inches in Brancaster.  Blowing around too. Come on Get in.

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1 minute ago, john mac said:


And what a shock I miss it again!!????

Wouldn’t worry too much about that, it looks like we may have showers moving into the London/Essex area.

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I wouldn't rule anywhere out in regards to getting these showers, though coastal areas will see the highest totals. Intereting that thunder and lightning is being mentioned. This suggests some real decent convection off the north sea tonight.

Interestingly I did get an email from work regarding snow, interesting that it was today and not a few days ago. To be honest most of us dismissed it but maybe, just maybe there have been thoughts that tonight could get exciting.

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Just now, Sno' problem said:

I think they might well extend the warning. Time will tell, but the ppn is far more intense than last night.

Does seem like convection has started. Before now was just 2 min snowfall every hour for last 48 hours. That blizzard was awesome. good hour long.

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