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East Anglia and North London weather discussion (25/02/2018) onward

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Hope it's ok to share some pictures I took whilst out around our little village this morning   I won't bore you with them all, but here's a few of my favourites  

Late Feb sun is strong, but i didn't think it was strong enough to melt roads

The thaw not very far away now. An'interesting winter indeed...and coming now to conclusion. Its been emotional and at times frustrating. Over and out. See ya-all november...ish.

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25 minutes ago, geg1992 said:

What are your thoughts on our chances for the rest of the day mate? Doesn't seem to be much in the way of showers forming.

Yes looks like a bit of a lull to our East for a bit, though its very unstable so pop ups may occur, looking at sat24 the moisture coming off Denmark looks to have better organisation today for more organised beefy shower lines these more affecting North Norfolk northwards but they do still have some slight southwards movement to them, so this evening into the night (the best time:wink:) may look better.

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6 minutes ago, Buzzit said:

I think the 06z GFS is encouraging for Friday / Saturday all snow event (feeling a little bit more positive than last night, especially for west London) but certainly continues with the theme of the end of cold come Sunday for the South (potentially starting with Ice rain)

** Edit : Current Conditions : there is certainly a more easterly change to the wind direction though it looks like a pretty slack pressure gradient in the south at the moment which probably doesnt help snow chances for the west of our area quite yet

We were supposedly in for a 'freezing rain' event a few years ago but it really was a damp squib and nothing like what they get in Russia/The states where it gets to below -15 . Once the onset of rain occurs here we'll get lots of puddles and a rapid thaw, the snow beforehand is the only thing that interests me right now. 

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25 minutes ago, Weather_Novice said:

Que?? :laugh:

If that is the case, let just have spring - it is miserable.


Ha yeah I know - I'm guessing the time of year is a factor in it. From the basic reading I've done on it, seems to be sun strength plus low humidity? Over my head to be honest!

Yeah understandable really, cold isn't much fun in and of itself for most of us on here. Sunshine is nice when it breaks through so not all bad. Will be interesting to see what happens today; I'm a bit bummed out by the way it's gone here, but who knows there may be a surprise or two for some of us.

Either way, I second your want for Spring soon - wouldn't want to find ourselves in a cool/cold March into April. That's when I start looking for beer garden season - how inconsiderate!


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Lots of big black fluffy clouds looming around Cambridge right now - but nothing much on the radar. Signs of inland convection building? Definite shift in wind direction now - and strengthening 

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1 hour ago, Speedbird said:

wait until tomorrow when you're firmly in the firing line ;-)

Lovely! I'm not that impatient but I had a couple of meetings booked around 6pm (pending weather) and am undecided if it's worth driving in. 

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