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East Anglia and North London weather discussion (25/02/2018) onward

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Hope it's ok to share some pictures I took whilst out around our little village this morning   I won't bore you with them all, but here's a few of my favourites  

Late Feb sun is strong, but i didn't think it was strong enough to melt roads

The thaw not very far away now. An'interesting winter indeed...and coming now to conclusion. Its been emotional and at times frustrating. Over and out. See ya-all november...ish.

Posted Images

Thames streamer already-with signs of feed/alignment.

Anyone writing off there chances @this point are 'premature'..

Precip-expolsive/and inland forcing deff-not out of the question here!!!...

Next few hrs will be interesting.



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Just drove from westcliff  to hockley westcliff had alot more then rochford through to hockley , main roads were starting to get covered that end...anyone know what the shower activity is doing, rain today radar wont load for some reason, ive seen mixed forcast for here in southeast essesx some saying snow tonight through tomorrow and others not so much so ...

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13 minutes ago, Joanne Swann said:

we just dont have any around where i live, but council tax still loads, should be less due to that :rofl:

get any rogue deers in your garden


13 minutes ago, Lowestoft Weather said:

Snow drifts are building up on the A47 near here


always nice to get more than you were forecast:shok:

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Things aligning slightly more favorably now for areas north of the Thames. Not sure about streamers but should certainly be more shower activity through the early hours and tomorrow morning.

One thing that is disappointing is that Wednesday is looking predominantly dry as the day goes on, when at one stage that was the peak for our area. Never easy is it!

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32 minutes ago, Vesuvius said:

Where are you Rayleighlass ?

I'm near the church, so the highest point but I get the difference 

At the station today isn't wasn't  white but go up the hill and there is a covering.  Not much I grant you but a difference.  I say this as someone who used to lived on the Birds estate, c. 1m asl 




I’m off Downhall Rd, Hambro end. Keeping fingers crossed ?

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54 minutes ago, Paul Sherman said:


The Fax chart Nick F posted in the other thread surely cheers everyone up in here tonight. 

Streamers galore, at least 3 of them


52 minutes ago, Captain Shortwave said:


Wash streamer which is currently under way and one running down the coast of Suffolk and Essex an into the Thames clearly marked as the areas at risk of highest snowfall. 

For my location the wind really needs to remain towards the north east or all that snow will just push into the Midlands and avoid Cambridgeshire.


Waiting for the Stevenage Duck Pond Streamer here. 

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1 minute ago, Lowestoft Weather said:






To think I lived in that part of the world for most of my life. Great to see some proper snow falling somewhere. Also my in laws live in south Essex who have also reported quite a bit of snow. Alas I am here in Cambridgeshire hoping for a few flakes in the wind... :rofl:

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