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Kent, Home counties and south London general weather discussion 25/02/2018 onwards

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Officially signing off from my Perch by the window. Have a great year -  Enjoy it with your Families- Current pic - 4.5 inches    my favourite pic - Cheers All

So this is it, the end of winter. Time to look forward to Spring..... Wait, what's this?        Apparently not. So for the time being, we will remain as one for this cold spell. Ple

Some photos from the last couple of days. Near Bewl Water in East Sussex.

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4 minutes ago, Shunter said:

have good view from loft ( crows nest ). Can see past Dartford Crossing into Canary Wharf and sky looks clear to the West. Looking North East towards Canvey it looks foggy so could be a sign of incoming shower.  East looks cloudy but can see broken cloud towards Medway.

The "Fog"  is a shower. Wind has got up too. 4 on SM Scale.  

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On 25/02/2018 at 19:33, AWD said:


 nothing in Kingston upon Thames, not sure if we are too West here but haven’t looked at the radar yet, just got in from work. So cold out there!,

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2 hours ago, DonnaThw said:

Never :diablo::girl_devil::air_kiss:

Why am my not surprised??..:nonono:

2 minutes ago, TomSE12 said:

Well my pasta and meatballs, were gorgeous, eat your heart out, Gino D'Acampo!!

Although. I still feel with a NE flow, conditions will be more favourable, for a mid-Kent >E.Sussex streamer to form,850 temps of -13c/-14c, flowing over the southern N.Sea and sea temps of around +7c, just off the Suffolk coast, may give snow showers, a bit more oompn, than normal to make it down to SE London/NW Kent, before the air dries out too much, having travelled, the length of Suffolk and Essex, to get to this area.


Still would expect more action, over mid-Kent though, with showers having a longer sea track.

Couldn't understand, when I was younger, why BBC graphics, covered the whole of SE England, with heavy snow showers but in Bromley, NW Kent, we had mostly clear skies, while off to the east, over the Medway towns I could see a never ending chain of dark grey skies, were moving forever south-westwards! After being on the internet and this site, I now know why!! The flow was from the NE!!:wallbash:



I used to think the same thing lol..

I've learned a lot since joining netweather:good:


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14 minutes ago, ThamesStreamer said:

I hope this continues through the evening.  Still at work in London but should be making my way home on the train from Fenchurch Street to Chalkwell in about an hour.

Did hear c2c are running a reduced time table from 9pm due to the snow, keep an eye on it mate,’know what there like! Lol 

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5 minutes ago, chionomaniac said:

We have streamer activation. light to moderate snow here with some lovely returns turning up on the radar

Gatwick now bone dry after light to moderate flurry. Will we be that touch too far west and that touch too far north as per usual? Hmmm... The night is young!

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