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Kent, Home counties and south London general weather discussion 25/02/2018 onwards

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Officially signing off from my Perch by the window. Have a great year -  Enjoy it with your Families- Current pic - 4.5 inches    my favourite pic - Cheers All

So this is it, the end of winter. Time to look forward to Spring..... Wait, what's this?        Apparently not. So for the time being, we will remain as one for this cold spell. Ple

Some photos from the last couple of days. Near Bewl Water in East Sussex.

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4 minutes ago, Ellozee said:

Proper, real, actual snow now. 5/10 best it's been in Deal all week! Cold snap successful!

I am so happy for you, not often Deal gets so much as a flake! Take pictures, when it's gone it's gone. Hope it makes it's way to Sandwich too. 

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My wife and I planning to leave, to stay at the Care Home, where she works, soon.  Quite concerned about the ppn, to our south, causing problems, when it reaches Chislehurst, whether it be freezing rain or snow. Worried that if Colette stays home, she will struggle to get to work, for 7, tom. morning. For our location, close to the Lewisham/Bromley border, our Close, gets incredibly icy and cab drivers, refuse to come down here. A cab is coming to pick us up at 2.30 and have agreed to come, right to our door.

We should be able to get back home tom. night, with a slight thaw, expected but are taking enough with us, in case a thaw doesn't materialise. Colette, has shift also has a 12 hour shift, starting at 7, on Sunday morning. Colette, is a Senior/Team Leader, so it's really important, for her to get to work.

Fortunately, I'm allowed to take my Laptop and keep all the staff, informed about road and travel conditions, in general. 

Will, pop in to report from Chislehurst, later.


Tom. :hi:


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With the heavier precip moving up from the south, earlier freezing rain should hopefully turn to snow this afternoon inland, as the thin layer of air >0C aloft starts to mix out and/or heavier snow above the 'warmer' layer doesn't melt as it falls through (heavier precip will take heat away from the air).

Some flakes coming down now in Croydon after a morning of freezing drizzle.

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Just now, West is Best said:

My views on this are by now well known ;) 

I would argue that freezing rain is the most dangerous of all winter weather. While I understand that it is difficult to forecast, surely once the MetO/BBC realise that it's happening over a pretty widespread area they should immediately issue a red warning

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Whoever was talking about Heathrow, there is heavier snow about to move into the area and that will very likely trigger some delays I'dhave thought.

Anyway as I expected, back side of the front intensified as it hit land.

I'm probably going to have another 60-90 mins of light, then moderate snow before it finally all clears to the north after nearly 36hrs of trying to push north. Probably another 1-2cms for me in that time.

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