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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 22/02/2018 Onwards

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Sod the snow, Tom Baker is trying to steal your car. 

I want to see this in the morning.  

Good afternoon all ,with the passing of my beautifull wife last Autumn things have been rather busy at home but now starting to quieten down ,so today i,v been for a great walk up local woods .with th

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4 minutes ago, fromey said:

It’s relentless here 

Yep it is 

look at dark red on radar 

it just keeps on coming 

I reckon we have about 20 cm or so level 

drifts 1ft- 1.5ft 


1st pic is my car 



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23 minutes ago, jethro said:

Me and it's still coming down thick and fast here, flakes haven't got any bigger all day though, if they'd been a bit bigger we'd be buried by now.

Sometimes conditions can be too good if it was wet imagine! 

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12 minutes ago, jtay said:

We thought we'd lost you!

I’m still here! It’s unbelievable! Our road is blocked by a massive drift.. ice raining down now.. I’m just in awe of it all

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I’m near the Somerset Levels and after fine powdery snow all day I also now have the ice crystals, and things generally seem a bit melty and drippy outside.

The weirdest thing is though that since it’s changed to this I’m getting black bits falling too, so my white snow is heavily speckled. I’ve had a look and it seems like little seeds or seed cases. Anyone else getting this? It’s out the front and back of my house.

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Just now, Karl83 said:

Just did a lampost check and confirm we have slightly bigger snowflakes.

The edge of that snowfall must be near.

Hang on Karl! I'll just sneak past wifey for a quick curtain job!

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12 minutes ago, Mapantz said:

Just been out for a smoke. All of the snow is rock hard! I don't know how much more freezing rain is supposed to fall? But, if it carries on and it's still like it by morning, it'll be chaos!

My new bush that i put in as a boarder between my drive and next doors which cost me £300 in bushes, look in deep doo doo’s!! As well as my matured palms, all bent over like they’ve been on the drink all day. ☹️

Snowpack the same, but Ice crust on top! Still soft underneath though. 

Next doors car won’t be getting used tomorrow, they came home about 30 mins before the ice started and it’s encased in solid ice. ? 

tommorw will be horrendous. 

The 4x4 that the ambulance service sent to pick my misses up to take her to work, never arrived, still waiting..... she’s given up and gone to sleep. I fee I should stay up and stand guard over my snow now ? 

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