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South West and Central Southern England Regional Weather Discussion 22/02/2018 Onwards

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19 minutes ago, Flash bang flash bang etc said:

This is exactly what I’m taking about - see how the graphic below suggests that the SW will only get ‘small amounts of snow’ - hello?! Red warning area?!!!



there are too many different forecasts out there - it really is chaotic!

You've missed out the  other three info-graphic's that went with that tweet. They separated them to make it easier to understand.


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Sod the snow, Tom Baker is trying to steal your car. 

I want to see this in the morning.  

Good afternoon all ,with the passing of my beautifull wife last Autumn things have been rather busy at home but now starting to quieten down ,so today i,v been for a great walk up local woods .with th

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Getting the accuracy right for the red alert in Scotland was a doddle compared to issuing accurate alerts for this evolving situation in the S / SW.

Radar watch and on the ground reports will be the only way of getting a handle on what's going on.

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Just now, EllyTech said:

My sensor shows -3.7C


The disbelief comes from not having an historic reference to such a phenomenon. 

Very true, only 18 years old so my memory can only extend so far:cc_confused:

Surprise me mother nature!

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4 minutes ago, Bristle boy said:

It's a fast developing situ Karl. AJ seems to think it'll be more widespread across all of this thread's areas.

Beaufort 3.30 for a few bevvies

If there wasn't all this snow forecast, I'd meet you in the Beaufort for a few! ?:drunk-emoji:

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2 minutes ago, s4lancia said:

Been light to moderate snow here in Piddlehinton for the best part of an hour, just starting to pep up..

I have never seen such wispy powdery snow outside the Alps in my life. Incredible. Absolutely incredible

My wife, who thinks we're all bonkers by the way, said, as we went out earlier "Hmm.....real snow!":cold:

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Quick update on observations..

Moderate intensity snow, blowing horizontally/

Temperature: -3.1°C
Humidity: 87%
Windchill: -9.0°C
Dew Point: -4.9°C
Apparent Temperature: -9.4°C
Wetbulb Temperature: -3.7°C

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6 minutes ago, snowponies said:

Us horsey lot are hardcore ? couldn't break their outside buckets this morning and had to use a rock to break them, then pick out the ice with my hands, brutal!! My girls are just outside lydford near the firing ranges and clients horses are between Bridestowe and sourton.

They do regulate their temperatures so well which is why I haven't rugged the two oldies, even the clipped one got too hot in a 300g so she's in 100g at the moment.  Would you still be able to get to yours? 

I know and its the whole bare hands on metal frozen gate we casually do! Ha hab  - tell you what has made poo picking outside easier! Come up in one go! ha ha. Ours at my friend's home as they are hers. School though is frozen, and no access to paddock but they have their "sun terraces" so to speak outside the stables so they can have some outside walk about..all has been plenty gritted and they have loads of haylage. Both were clipped a while ago and both like yours regulating temps well.

Ps don't know if you do this or are doing it or can practically do it, but we gave ours a bucket of really warm water as well  - drank that in seconds.. so maybe worth taking up some when you go as some tend to not drink so much water if it is too cold.

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Air Temp has dropped in the last 20 minutes.  Only by 0.2c, but certainly no sight of the less cold air at ground level (as expected)

Temperature    : -3.6°C (Feels like -9.7°C)
Dewpoint       : -4.7°C
Humidity       : 92%
Pressure       : 990.9mb and Falling Rapidly over 3 hours
Today's Rain   : 0.00in
Current Rain   : 0.00in/hr
Solar Radiation: 111W/m² (UV index : 0.0)

10 Minute Average / Gust Wind Speed  * Direction
12.0mph / 22.0mph * Dir=ENE

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we've got a new term in meterology here, a full blown Snlizzard!.. (fine powder snow in a strong wind...lol)....Just bought my youngest daughter from school, it was cool in every sense.....snow angels, powder snowballs and bitterly cold!.....Watching the powder snow blow down the road was like something like you'd see in a David Attenborough Antartica documentary! (well, no, not quite, there was no David Attenborough, no penguins and there aren't any roads in Antartica, but you get the idea!....lolol)

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4 minutes ago, Climate_Eyes said:

20 minutes of snizzle has now turned to moderate snow here.

We're still snizzling here CE.

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