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Model Tracker Feedback

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I've been playing with the model tracker function which I find awesome for spotting trends and comparing like for like model runs for a specific time.

A couple of thoughts on how it could be improved for me and also an issue I found.

1. If you select the GFS Ensembles 12Z run, you get all 4 runs showing instead of just the 12z (works as expected if you select the 00z run).

2. Is it possible to include the ECM ensemble mean as a selection?

3. Is it possible to add the facility to choose both the 00z and 12z runs together? - would be very useful when trying to compare the ECM and GFS as the ECM only has those two. Selecting 'All Runs' gives you the GFS 06z and 18z of course which makes it difficult to compare like for like runs.

4. Some more options in the 'Select Data' drop-down would be welcome - e.g. the Northern Hemisphere 850T (would be nice to have that available for the ECM charts in general btw!)

That's it for now :)

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Thanks WW, some really great feedback and ideas there. I'll definitely get them added to the planning list :) 

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