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March 2018 C.E.T. forecasts and optional EWP contest

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Now that the dust seems to have firmly settled, it's worth reiterating the daily record for the 1st (-3.8C). Not only was it a daily record, but also the fourth coldest March day on record. To put tha

-3.5 to the 1st 8.1 below the 61 to 90 average 8.5 below the 81 to 10 average ________________________________

My impression is that a large part of the reset from provisional to final CET is to remove values for max and (more often) min that are outside the boundaries of the 24-hour calendar day and to introd

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15 hours ago, summer blizzard said:

Out of interest, which March kept the CET below 0C for longest. 

At a quick look, the top 3 are
-0.2C to the 15th 1947
-0.1C to the 15th 1785
-0.1C to the 9th 1909

Current forecast has the CET remaining -ve through to the 4th.

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A cold March very probable, with a southerly diffluent jetstream, often the UK locked on the cold side, but on occasion more likely later in the month more on the milder side, at least in the south, which will prevent it from being a notable cold one in the camp of 2013. My guess is 5.2 degrees. Could be quite an unsettled one. Lots of snow for northern high ground. 

March can be a very varied month, often more wintry than springlike in the north, but the south can see temps climb to balmy heights by months end, low 20s even, but not on this occasion I very much doubt.

Its when northerlies and easterlies begin to edge out the influence of the jetstream especially as we move through the latter part of the month, anticyclonic highs over scandi can be very stubborn features, and northern blocking.

A March more akin to the likes of 1996, 2001 and 2006 and 2010 with shades of 2013..

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