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Far north and northeast of England - regional chat

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Went to the Pennines in the end. Should have gone to Teesdale, but there wasn't time, so settled for Weardale. Couple of shots...  

Here you go... I ventured fully out. 27991638_1593131500722016_1995411088115499008_n.mp4

Have to say the SE thread better than any soap opera. They're attacking each other cos some have snizzle and some dont, the place is in melt down.  Thank God for regionals and happy to see that w

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1 minute ago, Cakie said:

I think this is an exceptional event, enjoy the snow and the late start :D


I absolutely agree, the last decent snow was January 2013 so it's been a long wait! I'm thinking if I have wine with my toast in the morning sledging may be less troublesome and cold ?

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1 minute ago, J-Man said:

Signal has been down for a while now on BT mobile. Anyone else got issues?

Our virgin internet has been off for about an hour, but it's rubbish at the best of times so may be weather unrelated. I only know as I have 3 panicky teenagers getting withdrawal already.....

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12 minutes ago, bob slay said:

I think in the last hour they have started heading North, very slight veering of the winds to a more SEasterly, those showers to our South seem to be heading North:yahoo:., Not that we need any more here, were snowed in and it looks like Sat at the earliest to escape:cold::yahoo:

Do you live in hexham.?

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1 minute ago, Snow-mad-dave said:

Here's the next video as promised.


Well done for getting that shot of thundersnow.

Great stream of snow showers from Teesside to Darlo in the last hour or so. Hoping it resumes and continues overnight.

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The weather is next level here tonight! I've never seen anything like it, it's been constant snow, gale force winds with thunder and lighting all evening. They'll be close to 2ft by the morning with some huge drifts.

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Cheers, I've not seen anything like tonight for many years, I think if I remember right, 1991 I'd just started secondary school and is snowed for 3/4 days may have been late October time.  Obviously 2010 had some unreal spells but tonight has to go down as the best blizzard I've seen round my neck of the woods anyway.

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