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Far north and northeast of England - regional chat

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2 minutes ago, Freezing-Point said:

Look whats starting to develop very quickly.  Maybe south of the region will make it firstimage.thumb.png.94d0b8b368e7edc294d663088137cd6b.png

I think it's been there all along there's just a radar black spot, it's actually one long snake, just looks split up due to radar. Current thinking anyway.

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Went to the Pennines in the end. Should have gone to Teesdale, but there wasn't time, so settled for Weardale. Couple of shots...  

Here you go... I ventured fully out. 27991638_1593131500722016_1995411088115499008_n.mp4

Have to say the SE thread better than any soap opera. They're attacking each other cos some have snizzle and some dont, the place is in melt down.  Thank God for regionals and happy to see that w

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Are we expecting it to continue tracking as westerly as it currently is? Because if that's the case, I really do think this will be a Northumberland affair mainly.

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IGetting a bit heavier but still ice like flakes, much better than today's polystyrene balls though. Day 26 of falling snow, or 27. I was reliant on this thread before it was deleted to keep count as I ran out of fingers and toes. I'm happy to wait an hour to make it 27 ?


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