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What if any weather events are recorded before 1659?

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We have a good idea of monthly temperatures in the CET records from 1659 onwards (though they are rounded to the nearest .0 to .5 until 1699) as well as a few weather events from then onwards (frost fairs on the Thames and such).

But prior to then does anybody know of any weather records we can rely on?

One I am aware of is the weather which accompanied the 'Battle of Towton' which took place on the 29th March 1461 near the village of Towton in Yorkshire, during the height of the 'Wars of the Roses' during which a huge blizzard raged, with the end of the battle leaving 28,000 dead (though this figure is likely exaggerated). It was also a turning point in the war in which the Yorkist King Edward IV secured victory over his rival the Lancastrian King Henry VI, ushering in his first reign on the English throne. 

This was obviously pretty late for such weather, though there have been snowstorms later than that as recently as April 1981 for example.

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1 hour ago, hillbilly said:

Thanks hillbilly that looks like some interesting reading. Just skimming through the first link though looks like there were some seriously harsh weather events, with an entire island been wiped off the map. Just wow. The weather really has been pretty kind these days in comparison to some of these events. Thanks for posting :good:.

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