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I was right! Nothing since around 6:15pm. Doesn’t look like anything else will come through here either. At least areas that have struggled have had a decent covering. I’m sure my turn will be sometime in the next decade ?

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9 minutes ago, shadowfax said:

Sausage intensifying too more red bits appearing and very heavy snow here. Next blob lining up

Yeah it’s still coming down heavy and must now be at least a couple of inches deep.

after weeks of disappointments it’s nice to see a decent fall of snow finally come off.

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11 minutes ago, Chris harry said:


M66 looks horrendous. If u have to drive no matter where u are. Be careful or don't travel. 

Drove up it myself about 1 hour ago and it was atrocious, completely covered and practically whiteout conditions.

TBH i’m suprised it’s still open, few local roads are closed.

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