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45 minutes ago, Iceaxecrampon said:

FI anyone?


......or have some of you had yer fill? :closedeyes:

I know it is  a fantasy chart because it doesn't have a little dry spot over my house.


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Desperate measures now!

Icicles like I've not seen since 2010

BBC1  0100-0200 The snow that never came. With @Cheshire snow @crewecold  @Backtrack @chrisc @captaincroc C.S 

Posted Images

Winds really severe overnight and this morning. Trees down around Saddleworth, one car got smashed by a falling tree driving just outside Uppermill. Luckily he was alright if shaken.

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26 minutes ago, Snow free zone said:

I know these charts get plenty of stick but this one was remarkably accurate for the distribution if not the depth of snowcover



I don't think the residents of Swansea will agree with that chart. Cardiff is buried, Swansea nothing. Incredible how local variations can make such a difference. 

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2 hours ago, Stratocumulus perlucidus said:

Some strange weather phenomenon at the moment. Radar has precipitation hugging cornwall coast but not crossing land also not moving from welsh coast even though wind will be pushing it

That's lake effect snow over the Irish Sea. Cold air passing over the relatively warm water. The east cost of Ireland is getting plastered as a result.

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My friend has sent me this...a screenshot of the Biddulph App forecast...yes i know they can be sh*te but what the heck are they expecting tonight!?!

The 5pm light snow from this belt is there but look at tonights forecast...Heavy Snow all night??!



Anyone shine a light?! haha

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9 minutes ago, captaincroc said:

Just checked my forecast and it's there too?!?! Not getting my hopes up at all but anything would be a lovely surprise.


*edit* recently updated too? Maybe new data?


Look at the precipitation probability though......

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This was put on UKWeatherworld by a member called AnotherWeatherEnthusaist

""Police say wind speeds over the Rakewood Viaduct in Greater Manchester had reached 90mph"

I was unlucky enough to be caught up in the M62 chaos. Tried leaving Milnrow (jct 21) on the M62 around 11am to get back to Leeds. During the course of the next 11 hours I tried to find an alternative route. Gridlock traffic everywhere. I eventually gave up and took upon an epic drive to get home - M62 (westbound), M60, M6 (south), A50 to Derby, then followed signs to Nottingham, to join the M1, then up to Leeds. Got home at 01:30 this morning, after been up since 04:30 the previous morning!! 
I was just to the lee side of the Rakewood Viaduct and obviously a Foehn effect was in force due to the easterly crossing the Pennine chain. I hate hysteria and the mainstream media sensationalising, but conditions around there were truly bad. A snow drift trying to leave Littleborough on the A58 was about 9ft high partially blocking one side of the road and the wind was whipping the snow around to near constant white-out conditions. Crazy! "



Jeez, why didn't the Met Office issue a red for the Peaks and Pennines? 

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