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The Midlands Regional Weather Discussion 19/01/2018 Onwards

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A brand new Midlands Regional Discussion thread to continue your chats of the weather in the area!

No toys are to be thrown out of prams and please keep things in here friendly. Cheers :) 

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Anyone with a macro lens needs to go and photograph the amazing snowflakes falling right now. This is the best i can do

So, both hi res models over which whose territory this system is evolving - Hirlam and Arpege (both I would have a lot of respect for) - have very decent accumulations forecast by Friday morning from

Posted Images

Just been up to Flash and Cat and Fiddle this evening to get my wintery fix (it was December last after all).

As usual another world up there. No snow until you climb from Leek. The depths aren't that impressive, but the drifting and blowing snow was for sure. The wind was really strong and wind-chill was bitter. 

Found my usual sheltered field for a play with the dog and some nearly knee deep drifts. The snow was powder fresh and untouched too.

Drove round Cat and Fiddle road and it is open now, done a good job ploughing but some snow is covering over again in the wind.

Will have a video soon.

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Some patchy sleet and snow across the region tomorrow. Hills most at risk.

Some snow possible for a time on Sunday. High ground and the far north and east of the region at highest risk. Any snow turning back to.rain through the day.

Arome, Aperge, NNM and Hirlam all show decent falls of snow tomorrow and Sunday. Even the GFS and ECM show some. Yet the pros don't seem to think so.

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Weird how BBC forecasts show no real chance of snow tomorrow or Sunday. If you are on very high ground then maybe but otherwise it looks a damp squib if BBC are correct which you would have thought they will be.

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4 minutes ago, Staffordshire said:

Could someone post the hi-res charts for the weekend please? I am on phone and really struggle to get them on here. Many thanks.

From the Aperge.

Saturday - arpegeuk-42-17-0_cpe5.png

Sunday - arpegeuk-42-43-0_jqr2.png

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Sleet here currently, possibility of it turning to wet snow during the morning but no accumulations likely away from high ground.

Tomorrow not expecting much, Arpege looks a bit further south than Met forecast, which maybe explains the greater area of snow.

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Looks like those buggers up north will steal our snow or attempted snowfall now. Looks further north than forecast, and moving in a slightly more west to east direction. Anyway all this snow talk will be forgotten after tomorrow morning, and then it's just waiting for the next cold spell - if it should happen.

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Dp's.. well on the increase...its gonna be east of the pennines..northwards.. 


Atlantinc; warm sector air raising the overheads to high for anything of note.

Isn't it always the way nowdays !!??

pointrosee (1).png

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10 minutes ago, Fozfoster said:

Rain here in Warwick 

Same here Foz

Temperature of 1.2C, DP of -0.6C, but still drizzle here,


Scrap that as I write the first flake of snow appears..... and is followed by more.!!! :D

I do love being proved wrong



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