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Model Threads - Posting Guide

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As we have a number of thread in the model area, there's sometimes confusion as to what to post where, so here's what will hopefully be a useful guide. 

Main model discussion thread
Only posts discussing the model output and issues around it should be made in here. If it's not about the models, and not discussing them in some way (not just a chart or charts posted with little or no comment), then please use one of the other threads. 

Model banter and ramping thread
This is for more light hearted and loosely model related posts. Including ramping, emotional reactions to the weather or the models, and for moaning. 

These are all examples of what a banter thread post may be:

"The models at the moment are rubbish / great for cold/warm/wet/dry"

"I hope the models improve soon, I'm bored of this current weather"

"Oh my god this chart is amazing/rubbish etc"

"P22 on the ensembles is really cold and nice eye candy" (EG posting cold charts from random models, or ensemble members simply because they look nice, but without any further reasoning)

"I know the models are all mild at the moment, but I still think it's going to be cold because I get a feeling over these things"

"[Chart image] followed by :D :cold: :aggressive: etc"

"Horrible downgrade on the models today, that's it winter's over." 

"Amazing upgrades on the models today, I'm off out to buy a sledge and 100 tins of soup."

Short Range Model Thread
This relatively new thread is for the 0-72 hour timeframe, whatever the models may be showing in that period. This can be in depth or relatively short 

Things that don't fit in any of the model threads
Will it snow in [placename] type questions - please post this sort of stuff, including general snow (or other weather related chat) in the regional forums.

General weather discussion - please post this either in the regional forums, or in the winter discussion.

Met Office, BBC, other media forecasts - please head over to the general weather area, where there are a number of relevant threads for these. (Or the regionals are a good fit too). 

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