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Scotland/Alba Regional Weather Discussion - 16/01/2018 Onwards

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This will get lost amid the avalanche of posts....scuse the pun. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN FOR ONLY THE SECOND TIME IN 7 AND A BIT YEARS I HAVE A MEASURABLE SNOWFALL!  Only a cm mind but a landmar

Let's just start with the money shot - both the ECM and the GFS agree that, as of Wednesday 12pm, the upper air temperatures will be sitting at -14/-15C over most of Scotland, the wind will be pretty

We had a bit of a struggle to get to the hospital this morning, the bus was 20 mins late and the taxi got fed up waiting and had gone. But we got there and hubby had the op, it's not cancer it's just

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1 hour ago, Steve Murr said:

Nice feature Moving WNW already !!!


Hadn't even thought to look at the radar to see if any of my coastline friends getting an early hit

Nice start to an epic week

Hope you guys do well this week

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1 hour ago, Hairy Celt said:

I'm just wondering what line of work you're in... Loss adjuster? HMRC? Telesales supervisor? :p:D:whistling:

Nothing as exciting.....project manager.... Just waiting on a couple of new buildings opened recently reporting heating failures to spoil my joy of the cold 

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Wow what a start.... Streamer already for you

This threads been brilliant.....chuckling away catching up on all the posts

LS thought he produced but clearly a sting and he has been relieved of his phone and laptop

Or maybe picked up by the met to be a special advisor 

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Cold, no snow. Grey start to the day. Huge excitement of watching this unfold now, off out for supplies etc lol 

Hard to comprehend the depth of cold and snow to come ! 

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