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Ireland Regional Weather Discussion 16/01/2018 Onwards

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I have never seen so much snow in my life like today,I was trying to reach my friend who lives in  Manor Kilbride on Sally gap road(Wicklow Mountains)  to give him a lift to the shops as he spent last

Lovely record breaking morning from West Wicklow, we have got an inch or two on the ground

But but but... Who'd collect for the many charities, or sing in the gospel choir on Sunday mornings? What happened out there was premeditated looting. It's disgraceful. Shocking and abusing the f

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5 minutes ago, ronan said:

You must be in Limavady town centre? 100% snow here!!

No, i'm in the countryside.

It keeps transitioning between rain/sleet and snow. And all of the snow is being washed away!

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Just looked again. Next area of precip looks to be missing here too. Lol. I hope some of you gets plastered in snow tonight. Next up is tomorrows nights event then by the look of things it's game over for another couple of weeks.

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2 minutes ago, Neiller22 said:

Yep completely strange to extend it to the west. doesn't make sense. though its snowing in malusk then its still cold in the east granted he has altitude. 

*She ??

Any in Castlereagh? I remember years ago when I joined I figured from one of you’re pics (prob 2013’s snow) that you lived few streets away from me. Then I moved to Mallusk last year, though my parents still live in the Castlereagh Hills. 

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