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Ireland Regional Weather Discussion 16/01/2018 Onwards

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3 minutes ago, Neiller22 said:

Just watched updated bbc national weather and it still look good for thurs and Friday blizzard still showing to cover much of Ireland north and south with the the only exception be the extreme NW which may miss out but even here looked good for thurs most of the day. Obviously a constant changing situation 

That's good news Neiller. I wasn't expecting any snow until later tomorrow, yet the BBC App now showing this... was  only a 10% chance this morning....


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I have never seen so much snow in my life like today,I was trying to reach my friend who lives in  Manor Kilbride on Sally gap road(Wicklow Mountains)  to give him a lift to the shops as he spent last

Lovely record breaking morning from West Wicklow, we have got an inch or two on the ground

But but but... Who'd collect for the many charities, or sing in the gospel choir on Sunday mornings? What happened out there was premeditated looting. It's disgraceful. Shocking and abusing the f

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2 minutes ago, Neiller22 said:

Couldn’t agree more. Nothing was even hinted at for today and look at the radar. It’s trying ! Can’t ask any more than that. Obviously some convection going on. 

And this is before the lower uppers reach us too? Is that correct lol?

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GFS 12z brings heavier snow across all of the island than the ICON. 

UKMO run has the low much further East than the GFS and a broad swaith of South Easterly winds, this would potentially be extremely snowy for Eastern areas as there would be frontal snow as well as showers.

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model thread makes you laugh, they're all obsessed with getting it to track south and miss if its gona prolong cold uppers for 1-2 more days. who cares if its murky and cold outside, its a massive snow event we are all looking for surely?

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