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Ireland Regional Weather Discussion 16/01/2018 Onwards

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I have never seen so much snow in my life like today,I was trying to reach my friend who lives in  Manor Kilbride on Sally gap road(Wicklow Mountains)  to give him a lift to the shops as he spent last

Lovely record breaking morning from West Wicklow, we have got an inch or two on the ground

But but but... Who'd collect for the many charities, or sing in the gospel choir on Sunday mornings? What happened out there was premeditated looting. It's disgraceful. Shocking and abusing the f

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9 minutes ago, Eastantrim4 said:

Thinking I might take Tuesday afternoon off to watch the fun commence!

Supplies are in, top up of oil, wood and coal so even if the electrics out we’re grand.

Our electric went off last nw cold spell like 1cm?? I bought candles just incase this time. ?

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27 minutes ago, Weegaz said:

We should maybe set up a whatsapp group incase servers go down again at a critical time :D

Or even a Facebook Group. I seen one of the other regional threads done this. Certainly easier to share pics / videos of our upcoming fun!! ??

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yay .. I've seen enough to bring me back from exile .. it's been a great winter here at 55m in S Tyrone .. already snow fallen a dozen times and lain more than a day on 7 occasions .. more than the last 3 years together .. and now THIS ! The 8 year old in me is as excited as the 58 year old remembers 1982 and a few other 'events' . I am always watching the Arctic .. 22'C above normal today .. the cold off in search of a new home further South . Glad to see both new and old names as I scrolled down .. and even happier to hear the replies clock up .. . So .. whither you're up in Pomeroy .. or up in the big shitty .. enjoy nature at play this year .. b,c, 

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