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SE and East Anglia general weather discussion 01/01/2018 onwards

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17 minutes ago, Steve Murr said:

Temp 0.5c holding steady...

Expecting some snow here all be it temp.

Very still outside wondering if evaporative cooling will aid in some temp accumulations for some, very heavy PPN on route

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3 minutes ago, Surrey said:

Rain here unfortunately, didn't expect anything else for my location 

Maybe it is due to it being the lightest precip some in west London are reporting snow.

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4 minutes ago, Lampostwatcher said:

right ppn about to hit my area soon 

what will it be temp 0.8c dew p 0.1c

still waiting ????

That’s a good thing I’d say progression of the front delayed. Suggests cold air isn’t bulldozed out.

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