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Tour 2 2018

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If anyone is interested in what New Mexico can deliver. Here is what we chased there in June 2014  Near Roswell too.  I have feeling it was

a similar weather set up to todays i think, (might be wrong but)




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Where now ? 

it looks like the next main area of activity is going to be up in high plains and so i guess a long haul may be required.  Depending on the route the team will be taking they will going through some of the most beautiful scenery.  However mother nature can always surprise you, it wouldnt be the first time i went to bed in an area which was deemed to be our target area only to be woken up at 1.15am by Paul informing us that we had a 600 mile drive north to get into a new target area, or spend the day in drizzle. Setting off at 8am. 


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