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Vantage Vue Console Problems

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Noticed that data had stopped reporting from one of my stations recently so I went to investigate.

It appears the console for the Vantage Vue has given up, won't turn on with either batteries nor power lead.

Managed to get it to beep the odd time when fiddling with it but still no luck, unfortunately it was purchased 2nd hand a while ago so there's no chance of a free service from Davis.

Anyone had this problem? Or know what the issue could be and how it can be fixed?

Cheers, Vizzy

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19 minutes ago, 4wd said:

Mine needed a firmware update and halfway through the cat walked over laptop keyboard and somehow messed it up.
However I started the update again despite it being bricked (Davis said send it in) and it worked  normally when applied again.

Did your console work prior to that? Absolutely nothing showing on screen when powered up.

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After the feline intervention it had some digits on screen but they might have been written in Klingon for what sense it made.
TBH I've forgotten how you do the update but re-applying firmware if possible has got to be your best hope, unless it' some hardware issue like wire off the power input.
There must be  few used ones kicking about surely (ebay?)

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