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Valley Fog

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Very autumnal weather in the Lot valley, with warm (mostly) days and cool nights.



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    • By DiagonalRedLine

      Autumn is that time of year where the weather becomes cooler, trees become dazzling displays of vivid colours, nights get longer and mist weaves through the valleys like fluff! But Autumn isn't for everyone and there may be aspects about the season that you love and/or hate. What would you say you like or dislike about Autumn?
      For me,

      - It's refreshing and feels like a fresh start to the academic year
      - I love the magical transformation as the trees and shrubs change colour from green to various shades of yellow, orange, reds, pinks and purples. Makes the landscape look very pretty
      - It can be cold enough for snow in Autumn (October 2008, November 2005 and November 2010 being examples of this here)
      - Cold, sunny, frosty mornings make for some refreshing walks

      - I like Summer better
      - The shorter days (although the longer nights does make it great for watching films and playing computer games)
      - Getting up while it's dark for work - mostly towards late Autumn - is quite depressing
      - Cold, cloudy, drizzly days
      - Harder to carry out outdoor activies due to the shorter days and my motivation is worse than it is in Spring and Summer
    • By Netweather forecasts
      The long range forecast for Autumn is now online.

      Read it in full here.
    • By kar999
      For the last few days the North Wales sea fog has been drifting inland. It couldn't quite get over the Snowdon range today but eventually burnt off in the afternoon heat.

      As temperatures droped this evening it's begun rolling back up the valley.

    • By DSTimelapseHD
      This is a cool little TimeLapse that I captured using the LapseIt Pro app on my iPhone 5s.
    • By Neilsouth
      Even more photo's here -> https://500px.com/neil79

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