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their armoured vehicles are being made ready-

I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash. 

Looking forward to my trip to #Ireland

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1 minute ago, Snowstalker said:

He changed his mind again and said he was just gona go for it.

I've not seen any posts but someone further up thread said he posted some pics in his Facebook page a few hours back so I guess hes ok and enjoying the ride!

Ahhh, right you are. Well certainly more in the way of exciting weather than was expected for west Wales, fun day out I'm sure, I would have asked him if I could have gone along for the ride if I hadn't been busy earlier on today.:)

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I must say that this morning was such a strange but amazing experience here in Cornwall. I left the house in Truro near 7.30am and was greeted to the warmest of winds. It really was like being in front of a hairdryer on a low function. It was about 20c and apparently some stations were near 22c in the early hours. Absurd temperatures (but most welcome!) for that time of the day and to be honest, warmer than a vast majority of day time maxes we get in Summer here!!! On my travels I was noticing how it was taking what seemed an age to lighten up. On my walk to work near Bodmin it was quite eerie as the clouds were low, moving fast and they had a greenish hue to them. The wind was starting to gust a fair bit too. It was quite dark throughout and it was so until about 9am when things started to brighten up. 

A particular memorable highlight this morning was the smell of the air which to me smelt like pine. It appears the smell was largely from the wildfires in Spain and Portugal. With everything else going on it was the most surreal but exciting experience. A truly tropical feeling spell of weather. All to brief as it has now cleared but a day I will remember for quite some time. 

I hope everyone else is safe. Take care. :)

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39 minutes ago, crimsone said:

Needed a red warning for N. Ireland and an Amber for coastal Wales last night rather than this morning. N. Ireland needed the red simply because the Irish border doesn't stop the weather and it seemed, frankly, odd... but I can accept that amber should have been warning enough given a comment about seriousness (though, what's the point of a red warning if you never use it?). It was reasonably clear that the Pembrokeshire coast at least was reasonably likely to take a battering today though.

I suspect it's not entirely the Met Offices fault though. Amber triggers contingency/emergency planning, and there seems to be a culture of disincentive in the UK when it comes to things like that.

Definitely didn't warrant a red warning, it's not much worse than storms we get every year IMO 

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30 minutes ago, booferking said:

Getting worst gusts of the day now might be to do with location and wind direction but definitely strongest now.

100% agree, this past hour has seen a significant increase in wind speed in our area. Damage now being done to trees and next door neighbour's shed roof has partially blown off.

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25 minutes ago, Weather Wonder said:

Inland gusts of 70mph+ expected here tonight wouldn’t be surprised to see gusts of 80mph too, real lack of of warnings up here barely any info on local weather yet alone national, now I understand the SE bias MET Office has.


That model tends to overestimate wind speeds, been there done it with it lol

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Just now, CatchMyDrift said:

I'd check the time and date on that chart, is it for tonight? Or is it dated for Wednesday the 18th? 

The chart is basically the 'accumulated' windspeed for a given number of hours...not the actual windspeeds at that time.

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