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their armoured vehicles are being made ready-

I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash. 

Looking forward to my trip to #Ireland

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4 minutes ago, snow raven said:

Very strange sky over central London right now.  It's been turning increasingly yellowy orange, but now everything is really dark orange.  Very eerie.  Never seen a sky like it at this time of day!

I think I've seen similar over my lifetime SR (oh, the joys of being an old fart!:D). But, over the past hour, it's almost as if night is falling! Eerie indeed!

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1 minute ago, andymusic said:

West Wales getting one hell of a battering with winds over 70 mph pretty much north to south, pretty gusty here too

Yep, I'm surprised by the ferocity of the gusts here. Took a jaunt into a nearby field earlier, breathtaking, literally!

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Just now, Richard David McCarthy said:

BBC said 2 i don't know I must investigate 

There was talk that the striations on this water vapour imagery showed signs of a sting jet, from 09z out at sea, whitish bits into darkest section


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