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their armoured vehicles are being made ready-

I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash. 

Looking forward to my trip to #Ireland

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Finally got out of my office here in Portsmouth and wow! It's like an eclipse is going on!

All the street lights and automatic lighting is on. The shadows on the streets are strong. Car lights are on full beam. Everyone is out taking photos of it - sadly my camera is not good enough but hopefully some good pictures will be out there. 

Warm, dry and ... almost night-time!

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I'm right on the dividing line of the dust now. The dusty skies are to my SE, and there's some blue skies to my NW.


Certainly a weird day for October. 


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1st time poster, long time lurker!  I'm in Edinburgh although live in East Lothian.  Getting the same as most people around the country at the moment with our yellow skies.  Was incredibly dark up until 15 - 20 minutes ago, street lights were on, car headlights on etc.  Could see the clouds almost being sucked out to the west. 

Skies a bit less yellow now but the wind has started to shake the trees a bit, nothing too severe as of yet.  Pictures from Ireland coming through are incredible though.

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Listening to Minks' 'Ophelia' as the day turns to an eerie half-light under yellowing clouds. Quite eerie, not unlike an eclipse in progress. Occasional gusts in the East Midlands, but nothing extraordinary, wind-wise. Such a spectacle!

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In the next 20 minutes or so the International Space Station is more or less going to pass over southern Ireland

Should be able to get a good view of the storm (The camera switches every now and again so if it does there is one at ISS Stream

You may need to set it to HD in settings


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This glow is one of the oddest weather events I've seen in person. Most people walking around town very confused in almost darkness but the colour is so vivid and all the white shop lights really stand out. Wonder what non-weather types are thinking.

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Update on Storm Ophelia. Issued 2pm Monday October 16th
16 October 2017


Storm Ophelia which gave violent and destructive winds over Munster and south Leinster this morning will extend rapidly to the rest of the country this afternoon. It will continue to bring further gusts of 120 and 150 km/h (some gusts are likely to exceed these values in exposed hilly and coastal areas). Some flooding expected also, due to either heavy thundery downpours and or storm surges in coastal areas. 
There is a danger to life and property.

The strongest winds are on the eastern and southern flank of Ophelia’s low pressure centre. The heaviest rain is on the northwestern and western flank. To the east of the path of the storm centre winds will back southeasterly ahead of its passage north, veering southwesterly behind it. Winds will be cyclonic along the Atlantic Seaboard. 

Strongest gusts to date:

- 191km/h at Fastnet Rock (6.5km SW of Cape Clear Co. Cork, at a height of 200ft) 

- 156km/h at Roches Point

- 135km/h at Sherkin Island (before the weather station lost power)

- 126km/h at Cork Airport (before a loss of power)

- 122km/h at Shannon Airport


- 17mm at Valentia, including 9mm in one hour

- 17mm at Mace Head, including 8mm in the past hour

Keep up to date with Met Eireann for the latest information

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Wind has picked up quite markedly here in the last 5-10 mins. Have to say the forecasts have been bang on, always forecast to be around the school run here. Certainly nothing on what has happened over in Ireland but will be a fun walk in the next little while!

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