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their armoured vehicles are being made ready-

I'm pretty sure the sky turning yellow is the met office trying out a new warning system after some backlash. 

Looking forward to my trip to #Ireland

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18 minutes ago, benb said:

39ft swell on one of the bouys S of Eire!!

Think that's the biggest I've ever seen it.

My tired Monday brain initially interpreted this as 'one of the bouys is on fire!!' and I immediately thought blimey, s*** just got real.


Considerably quieter in my part of the country but we also have the eerie yellow and the trees are having a bit of a wave.


I'm enjoying the photos and reports, keep them coming!

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Reports of a 13 year old girl missing in Co Cork. Was dropped off on Cobh ferry and hasn't been seen since. Hopefully she is found safe and well. 

Still relatively calm here in the North. Due to pick up in the coming hours.

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Breeze is really picking up in Coventry now. I just saw a weed in the patio move a little. Ruined my calm, that did.

Seriously though - There are people in Ireland who'd kill for this level of calm right now. The contrast is amazing.


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2 minutes ago, The Eagle said:

Strongest gust so far in Dublin just now. Getting goin now!

Can see it getting noticably stronger on the Dublin cam.

Have to admit, i'd be uneasy walking down one of those old streets with all of those tiles above.

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Just had a friend post a photo from Eastbourne. Lovely blue skies over there. Quite summery, in fact.

There's a certain amount of cognitive dissonance in trying to picture the weather as a whole across the British Isles at the moment.

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Gusts starting to increase in strength here. Still sunny, blue skies, puffy white clouds (sorry I don't know my clouds) and warm, but looking very hazy toward Bangor and the west. Sea has lots of very small white horses. Potted bay tree starting to wobble, but hasn't blown over just yet.


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