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Killer diseases make comeback

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Deadly diseases are returning to the West because “Whole Foods mums” refuse to vaccinate their children, the global immunisation chief has warned.

Complacency and anti-science sentiment in the developed world are putting at risk forms of protection that have saved millions of lives, according to Seth Berkley, chief executive of Gavi, the vaccine alliance.

The organisation was set up by governments, the World Health Organisation and drugmakers to get vaccines to poor countries, but Dr Berkley said he was becoming increasingly worried about the reversal of progress in the developed world.

Countries such as Zambia and Vietnam now have higher rates of coverage against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) than Britain. Sharp falls in vaccine uptake in countries including Italy and Romania have allowed a measles outbreak that has led to thousands of cases — including 17 in Wales — and 35 deaths this year.

The health system has been struggling to repair the damage done by the discredited former doctor Andrew Wakefield who made false claims that the triple jab causes autism.

Followers of Wakefield are resurgent in the US and Dr Berkley said Britain needed to be alert to signs that vaccination rates are slipping again.

MMR coverage has fallen for the past two years and the most recent figures put it at 91.9 per cent, down from 92.7 in 2013-14. “If it’s less than 90-95 per cent you do have susceptibility build up, and then you have outbreaks,” Dr Berkley said. “It does worry me when I start seeing outbreaks in developed countries. That shouldn’t happen.


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Yes vaccinate. Nothing is ever 100% ok but far better the vast majority are protected. 

Trouble with this world. feline foot around and create more problems than needs be. 


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My God since when has p**sy been a naughty word that the rude word police have to alter it to feline? Correctness gone mad. 

I suppose Mrs Slocombe is only allowed a feline pet nowadays. 

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