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Help Please! Wunderground PWS Data!

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Good Afternoon and Hello Everyone!

I am new to the forum and I apologise that I am only coming here now! I am not however, new to the weather world! I've studied and enjoyed the weather since I was little and share this passion with my Dad. We love a bit of weather chat and study!

Anyway....... I have had the same weather station since November 2015 and it has been great. We registered it with wunderground when it was set up and all was fine. Between March 17 and June 17 we had issues with our wifi and it stopped reporting. This has since been fixed and there have been no further issues.

Somehow though I am now unable to log in to my PWS section of Wunderground. I have had to re-register my email address. The only solution I can see is to create a new PWS identity, which seems a shame as this will mean a break in the continuation of my data which I will be sad to lose. and will leave me unable to delete the bad data that it has generated... (on two or three days it has reported the temp as being 60 degrees Celsius)  I have emailed Wunderground twice, but as of yet have not had a reply.

The weather station is clearly still logged in... so I daren't touch it and mess with the settings in case it stops reporting!

Station ID is: IENGLAND1052


Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this or has any suggestions of how I can fix this?


Thank you for reading :) x


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Not had this problem I'm afraid. The sticker I created for my own website did suddenly start linking to someone else's station for unknown reasons though.

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Thank you Pit. I think I will start a new PWS number for it. Bit of a shame, but the longer I leave it the more data I will accumulate and not be able to do anything with! xx

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Wunderground has been having problems for a long time, but they have been bad again in the past week. PWS webcams stopped working due to something they were doing..

I've never known that you could edit your own data on Wunderground? They won't even allow you to delete your PWS, so i'm not sure it's possible? As for getting a reply back from them, good luck with that! I have emailed them dozens of times over the years, and I have never had a single reply.

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