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August 2017 Statistics and reports

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Where is everyone


August - Hobart, Tasmania

Like July this was a fairly cold month, mostly due to low overnight temperatures. The mean temperature anomaly was -0.7c below 1981-10 ( in brackets below ) or -0.3c below 1961-90. It is the first time since 2011 any two months in a row have been colder than the 1961-90 period.

Average maximum:  13.3 ( -0.4 )

Average minimum:  4.6 ( -1.1 )

Rainfall:  65mm ( average 53mm )

Rain days ( +1mm ):  14/from 20  

Dry at first with local frost, severe away from the coast, then a variable month with regular fronts preceeded by mild air from the continent. This was the first month since January to have above average rainfall in a year that is running with a modest rainfall deficiency. The wettest day this month was 19mm in frontal convergence. This was not a significant month for snow in the Hobart area, and there was no snow in the higher suburbs ( <300m ), which usually happens in most August months. Snow line of near 1200m on the 10th, 800m on the 12th&17th, near 500m on the 18th, 700-800m on the 27th&30th. All light falls or dustings.

Extremes in daily temperature for August ( records since 1882 ): 

Highest maximum:  18.1.....10th ( record 24.5 in 1977 )

Lowest maximum:  9.1.....18th&27th ( record 5.5 in 1974 )

Highest minimum:  9.8.....26th ( record 15.0 in 2005 )

Lowest minimum:  1.0.....3rd&20th ( record -1.8 in 1962 )



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I think many are hoping to forget August ;)

August was a very average month here temperature wise, rainfall once again coming in above average making that all 3 summer months in the wet category.


Average Temp: 15.6c (+0.1c)

Mean Minimum: 10.7c (+0.5c)

Mean Maximum: 20.5c (-0.3c)

Min Temp: 5.3c (31st)

Max Temp: 24.6c (27th)

Highest Min: 15.5c (22nd)

Lowest Max: 15.2c (8th)


Total for month: 88.4mm (average is 61mm)

Wettest Day: 23.6mm (8th)

Rain Days: 17

Dry Days: 14


Highest: 1025.44 hPa (10th)

Lowest: 997.94 hPa (2nd)


Highest Gust: 34mph (9th)

Average Speed: 3.5mph

Wind Run: 2575 miles

Gale Days: 0


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