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Predictions for 2018?

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I saw someone do this last year so I thought I'd start one for 2018 (I know it's quite a few months away but shh!). The predictions I made for 2017 so far have gone very wrong so let's see shall we?...


January: Cold and very dry, with lots of anticyclonic influences. Snow at times, more so in the east but everywhere seeing at least a few decent snow events. Quite sunny in places. 

February: Quite cool, especially in the first-half with some snowfall. A mild, wet and windy spell around the 18th before becoming chillier again.

March: Mild and very unsettled with frequent gales. Unsurprisingly very wet.

April: Quite cool, with some wintry potential at times. Fairly wet.

May: Unsettled with near normal temperatures. Fairly wet. Warm at times in the second-half with south and easterly winds but some thunderstorms.

June: Cool and unsettled, wet or very wet but with a hot spell starting at the end of the month.

July: First-half quite warm, but becoming cool, wet and windy in the second half. Overall fairly cool and very wet.

August: Exceptionally cold and wet. Unusually windy with the Azores being virtually non-existent. Possibly as cold, maybe even slightly colder than August, 1986.

September: Quite warm and very dry, with many not seeing rain until the final week. 

October: Warm at first, but turning very unsettled in the second-half. Warmer and wetter than average.

November: Quite chilly and very dry, with an anticyclone persisting for much of the month. Heavy snowfall at the end of the month with easterly winds, around the 28th.

December: A mixed month. Rather mild and unsettled at times during the first-half, but becoming chilly and anticyclonic in the run-up to Christmas. Unsettled for New Year's Eve.


Sounds like an interesting year if it came off. Add your random guesses if you like. :D

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