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killah bee

Tornado in Ukraine

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    • By Jo Farrow
      Details here https://www.weatherholidays.com/

    • By killah bee
      Rare Tornado form in Ukraine...
    • By Davidb
      Hi everyone 
      I was on Tour 3 2017 and recorded daily videos for my YouTube channel which is Travel Related. Take a look for an insight into an amazing 10 days. Day 8 Amarillo - speechless!
      This is a compilation of all the intros -
      The full playlist is here -
       Storm Chasing Playlist:
    • By matt2324
      Tesco in Fforestfach, Swansea was hit by a tornado at roughly 10pm this evening. Part of their massive sign was ripped down, vans overturned and a trolley shelter was taken out. Confirmed by the manager of the store as a visible tornado that lasted about a minute.

    • By mikeofmacc
      I went out to America with Netweather this year for the Storm Chase on Tour 1 and got some amazing shots. I found the camera I had (Fuji S2950) with me, a bit difficult to use for the type of photography. It doesn't have much offering for long exposure, and it was very much a guessing game as to whether I caught lightning on it. As well, photography under the storms where its quite dark, didn't really come out brilliantly. I wasn't able to catch the colours that I was actually seeing, in the pictures.
      I have a budget for a new camera before I go out to America next May, and am asking for suggestions for a new camera, that is really geared towards photography of storms and landscapes. I guess these are my most important requirements:-
      Camera that has good feedback for learning to capture lightning with Generally good at capturing colours in storms well in darker surroundings (under storms) Long exposure (longer the better) Panoramic photography would be beneficial. My current camera is a bridge camera, and I am open towards suggestions of bridge cameras again or cameras with separate lenses. Budget is upto £500-£600 if the camera is a good one.
      Any suggestions for cameras that are currently used for similar activities would be massively appreciated.
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