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Given this is normally the most reliably Atlantic-dominated period of the year, the weather this last week has been quite enjoyable. A November like last year wouldn't go amiss - last year really had a bit of everything with a brief stormy spell mid month, thunder, lightning and snow all in one day on the 17th then the wettest day of the year on the 20th before a frigid end. Hopefully a cold shot before the month is out.

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Here's a few pics from round here last Autumn to get us in the mood.    

Storm Aileen was so bad York blew into the North Sea !!

Up at my normal 4:30am start today - no sunrise !! Lights on in the kitchen, here we go ........#NearlyAutumn Conkers swelling, crab apples abound, blackberries on the turn, a bumper crop of sloe

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So today is the final cross quarter day of the year - Samhain.
Samhain is the old traditional end of autumn, and the start of winter... The dark half of the year.
So I'm using this as an excuse to draw a line (for me personally) under this dull, grey, colourless, drab and dreary autumn.
Normally I'm more than happy for autumn days to carry on, and on, and on... But not this year. 
So farewell autumn 2017, I would love to say its been a pleasure as always, but it hasn't. :nonono:

You watch, now I've said that we are going to get some stunning north or north westerly's with gin clear blue skies, and fantastically convective cloudscapes, and/or some proper wind storms, and or proper misty foggy mornings/days/evenings. Lol :rofl:

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An ode to November -

'No sun, no fun November'

However, I'm optimistic this November will bring much more cheer than might be expected, on the sunshine front at least- much like last year, and hopeful we will be spared the endless wet drab dark days we can see at this time of year. It has started on a much sunnier calmer bright note than normal - making up for the abysmal October, and why because the dreaded tropical maritime airmass will be under attack from the polar airmass. Long may the attack continue... the polar airmass will come out king.

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Its certainly mild out there tonight though! It's currently 14.3C here at nearly 10pm in the second half of November. Shades of 2015 there.

Fortunately this should be the last time it gets anywhere near that for quite some time.

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Well I guess we're nearly at the end of this thread that I opened in July - many thanks for the contributions, I've enjoyed it.

It was a glorious autumn in our village, stunning colours that held on for quite a while. A bumper conker, sloe, hazelnut and chestnut harvest, frosty nights and clear high-pressure days.....more of the same next year please.

Winter looks like it's going to hit us with a bang this week, enjoy the ride everyone !!

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