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Paul Sherman

Report & Pictures Chase Day 8

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Started today in Dumas and as expected a Moderate Risk Upgrade came with a 15% Hatched Tornado Bullseye focused on the Eastern Texas Panhandle and Western Oklahoma where I felt the best chances for strong tornadoes would be today. After lunching in Shamrock we moved west to Mclean and watched a pair of Supercells move North East, I took a dirt road south and we watched insane rotation above or heads drop the Mclean Tornado - Only problem was it dropped to our east so we have pictures of this from the west as a ghostly white tornado (Mike will upload this pic) After this with storm speeds it became hard to et back in front of cores with giant hail, but we did catch up and get a glimpse of the Wheeler Wedge Tornado which Arron has video of. We then dropped south and witnessed the insane Elk City wedge tornado forming and went through the bottom of the hook in the RFD area. Very frustrating chase day for clear tornadoes but happy we got on the biggies.

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Here's a short clip of the wedge tornado near Wheeler. Few swearies in it! Will edit the full version when I have more time.



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Hi everyone,

Fantastic day yesterday. As always, its never nice to hear that just down the road, at least 1 didn't make it. Photos below, ended up with two fantastic night-time lightning shows, and my first successful capture of anvil crawlers and spider lightning! Happy is an understatement. Well played to the drivers and forecasters yesterday who got us safely in place every single time.


First tornado less than a mile away



Second funnel as it moved away.


Second tornado far middle centre in the distance. About 6 miles away.


Pretty nice anvil crawler over the hotel last night at 2am...










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Very enjoyable, if at times a slightly scary chase day!

First photo is a tornado a few miles to our west, second is a wedge to our north.

Also treated to a lovely lightning display all evening and night.





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Time lapse of the supercell near Elk City, OK. SPIN!


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