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Reports & Pictures Chase Days 6&7

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Both days were almost carbon copies with the 15th being much better for Supercells, but both days had plenty of action. Will let others put there pictures in here a mine are awful this year for some reason.

Highlights for the 14th was Blown down power poles due to 70mph winds in a dust storm, beautiful sunset Mammatus and lightning.

The 15th was much better, at one point we were surrounded by 5 Supercells watching from a high point north of Stinnett, we had to take evasive action due to 3" Hail heading straight for us from a right moving Classic Supercell around 7pm. We retreated south east to watch some lovely structure before heading back north to pick up some lovely hail stones.

Better to come tomorrow.

Some of the others will put some pictures in here.


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A classic supercell today with nice striations, a hail core, some nice lightning and a mesocyclone near Stimmett, TX. This went on to drop 2 inch hail just down the road.


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