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Your chance to get involved in research at Manchester University! Must be from the UK 18+

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Are particular behaviour strategies related to an individual’s wellbeing and self-control?

Participants needed for a psychology postgraduate research project at Manchester University.

The questionnaire will take place online and is no longer than 15 minutes.

Inclusion criteria:

Must be a resident in the UK

Must be aged 18 and over.


Much of the research surrounding this area suggests that people who have high levels of self-control use behavioural strategies to avoid situations that might be tempting. For example, if a person has a goal of losing weight, they may avoid the sweet shop on their way home from work. This person is more likely to achieve their goal of losing weight by avoiding a situation in which they might be tempted to buy sweets.

There has been research that suggests that if an individual has high levels of self-control they will feel happier in life.

The aim of this research is to find out certain behaviour strategies are related to levels of self-control and wellbeing. 

You will be expected to fill out a quick questionnaire assessing self-control, wellbeing and the behaviour strategies that you often use.

Examples of questions include, “I am good at resisting temptation,” “when I work or study, I deliberately seek out a place with no distractions” and “I am satisfied with my life.”

Contact details

Please contact me on my university e mail address if you have any questions.

[email protected]

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