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High Temp inside Radiation Shield

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Hi, I bought a Davis 7714 radiation shield but I notice that the temperatures at night is too high.  If I have the sensor outside the shield, it is very accurate when looking at other local readings but inside the shield it is around 2-3C higher.

Is the shield that is meant to protect the sensor from sun and radiation also not allowing the cool air in, resulting in innacurate night time temps? 

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That's quite strange, I'm running an oregon sensor in a Davis 7714 shield and it matches my Davis VP2 with FARS within 0.3C at almost all times. The only issue as you'd expect is the slower response time of the unaspirated 7714 against the FARS of the VP2.

Careful when comparing other readings with your own as it may just be that your area/garden is simply warmer at night.

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Thanks for your reply. I guess that I am assuming that professional readings from the Internet are correct but of course they are not taking readings from my garden  :)

I need to learn to trust the readings that I have and trust the shield. 

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